Worms transportation container


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This is a multifunctional worm container allowing the angler to carry bait easily to even the most remote fishing spots.  Made of high quality resistant polypropylene, this container can be worn on a belt or attached to edge of a boat.  Included are all needed accessories.

No more wasted styrofoam that ends up polluting prime fishing spots. Our product is ecological and nature friendly.

The lids on both sides of the container are equipped with a cutter to easily size the bait to the desired length.  The cutters are setup with a small storage area to keep left over bait separate from fresh bait.

With lids on both sides and the possibility to flip the container even when it is attached to a belt or fixed to a boat, bait is always easily accessible.

The product is currently patent pending.

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Built by a passionate fisher for fellow fishers

Fishing friends.

Like many people around the world, I love to fish.  Over the years, I have noticed that people with the most success normally have quality equipment and more importantly proper and quality bait.

Over the course of multiple fishing trips on lakes and rivers, I noticed how often times worm containers were problematic.

Just like me, you may have lost one of the most important things on a fishing trip; the worm container.  Maybe the worm was too big and you eventually lost the other end. Or even worse, the fragile container broke and the bait was lost, and the area littered.

From now on you can say goodbye to theses annoyances.

The Fond-vers container that I have designed has been specifically created to eliminated annoyances add functionality and make your fishing trips more enjoyable.

Fish on !!!

Sylvain Fontaine